Be Featured

From time to time we do interviews and features on people, groups & projects that reflect the things we like to explore at Berkana – anything to do with creative intentional living.

So this includes but is not limited to:

  • permaculture in all its applications
  • radical unschooling/natural learning
  • conscious parenting
  • different styles of intentional community
  • holistic health and wellness
  • creativity and art

What we don’t do? Well, we never say never to just about anything, but we prefer the interview to be about ideas and experiences, to tell a story, to see the world from diverse perspectives — rather than just be a promotional piece for your business or services. Not that we don’t want to support these things — and we will include contact info & links to find out more about you in your interview — but we prefer to keep the interviews more neutral and about connection.

If you think you would be a good fit, and would like us to interview you, please get in touch!


Selection & Acceptance

There are no prerequisites to be accepted for an interview in terms of ‘popularity’ or size of your venture or adventure. We welcome all sorts of people and businesses and groups, no matter how ‘ordinary’ — everyone has a story.

But we don’t accept every single interview request. It depends on many factors as to whether it is a good fit for Berkana, and if we have the space or need for an interview at the time, whether we are focusing on certain topics, or need to diversify. Thanks for understanding!


Interview Process

Right now, we are pretty low tech and we like to keep it simple and authentic.

At this time, interviews will likely be via email. Sometimes we may do a video call.

If it is a short interview piece, we may publish the question & answers or transcript of the interview as is (minor edits for clarity.) If it is a feature length interview, we may use the content of the interview to write up a story piece, for context and exploration of what we have talked about with you. We always strive to keep the essence of what you have said at the forefront, to not misquote you and we don’t censor you – and we also ask the same of you for us!

Sometimes we may publish the video interview itself.

We can discuss the exact format & your and our preferences once we are in touch.


If you have photos (of yourself & any relevant to your interview) then we would love to have them! A headshot at the least. We may use relevant stock photography along with your interview (and label them as such) if we need some images.

Travel & In-Person Interviews

If you are local to us (Adelaide & Fleurieu region) we are more than happy to do interviews in person. We’ll record them as either audio or video. And if you are happy for us to, we’ll probably take some photos.

We may consider travel for interviews if you are able to provide us with suitable accommodation (which can be a place to park our campervan if you’re in driving distance) and a few meals and hospitality when we do.

Contact us to discuss!