Our Family

Hey there!

We are the people behind the Berkana life.

Jessie, Ollie & Ella. And a little extra one on the way. And we always welcome ring-ins, and hope to grow this team as time goes on.

Jessie is an author, artist, designer. Ollie is a programmer and musician. Ella is an almost 5 year old free spirit and lover of op shops and drawing and fun. Together we are all adventurers, love travel and new sights, as much as we also love rainy days in bed with tea and books.

Jess & Ollie met on a permaculture course on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We bonded over our shared idealism and impractical ideas for world change. And together we’re just crazy enough to believe it’s all possible!

We’ve done a bit of travelling, and will do more one day soon, but right now are cozy and settled on a hillside just out of Adelaide, South Australia growing a few herbs, writing a few blogs and books, creating art, and growing with life as the flow takes us.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope our thoughts and explorations inspire you to your own creative, intuitive, intentional adventures as well!