We welcome submissions of full ‘guest post’ style articles to Berkana on topics that are a fit. Basically anything intentional living – especially permaculture, unschooling, alternative lifestyles & intentional communities, adventure & travel. If you’ve had a look around and think you’ve got an article that suits, then get in touch. We reserve the right to be selective and won’t publish everything. Things we do publish, we may edit for clarity. You retain rights to use your article on your own blog/sites also.

At the moment we can’t pay for submissions to Berkana – we hope to be able to change that as we grow, and we certainly don’t want to insult talented, hard working writers, freelancers and artists by suggesting that ‘exposure’ is good enough payment.

So only submit if you are freely and happily wanting to contribute, and we will of course link back to your own blog, website and/or social media.

Depending on suitability and availability etc we may also feature you elsewhere on the site, promote your event etc. If you have any thoughts on this sort of collaboration, get in touch below.

To submit, you can copy and paste into the message box below, or email and include it in the body of the email.

You’ll hear from us within a couple of weeks if we are going to feature your guest post. If you don’t hear in that time frame, it wasn’t a fit or it wasn’t the right topic for us at this time, sorry.


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