Our Travel Bucket List

Places that feel like home:

  • Adelaide (Jessie's family is from here)
  • Mission Beach (Ollie's family is here)

Places with been together:

  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Mission Beach, Queensland
  • South East Australia camping and staying with friends and family
  • Willunga on the Fleurieu coast, South Australia

Places we want to go in Australia 

  • Tasmania 
  • Uluru 
  • Broome

Places we want to go in America

  • Florida (Harry potter world)

Places we want to go in the rest of the world

  • Bali
  • England (Ollie has family here)
  • Scotland
  • Canada
  • Peru (Jessie has been and wants to go back with everyone)
  • Europe (Sweeden, Denmark, France, Germany)
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • New Zealand 
  • Japan
  • Fiji
  • Maldives 
  • Hawaii